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Pride Week


The UC Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center


2014 LGBTQIA PRIDE,  May 5th-9th


REDEFINING conventional narrative that all LGBTQIA people are the same. Instead, we celebrate Pride in the diversity and unique experiences that we as a community have.


OPEN-HEARTS is what you will find in the LGBTQIA community. We believe in the power and beauty of building friendships and relationships with one another. Many times these close knit bonds are what help us survive.


ACTIVE and engaged people is what has gotten our community to where we are today. However, we acknowledge that the Trans*, Asexual, Intersex communities amongst many others have been marginalized for too long, and we are actively working to change that.


HISTORY must never be forgotten. It is in our history that we find ourselves and the tools that help us make a movement. Furthermore we want to bring attention to those voices that for too long have been erased from LGBTQIA History.


REVOLUTION might look different to every single one of us, but we hold the main goal of a revolution, and that is to enact change.  Whether we are marching in the streets or speaking up in class we have the power and we must use it for change. We also recognize Love in its many forms as a powerful Revolutionary act.


Pride Week 2014




Contact elizabeth coté at eacote@ucdavis.edu with any questions.